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Stathis Yapoutzidis-Karras (b.1993) was born in Thessaloniki. He lives and works between Greece and The Netherlands. His roots and childhood play a vital role in the genesis of his diverse identity. Growing up among noisy, brutal construction workers. During his studies he makes an alternative translation of this “situation” and starts to ran a garage-hardcore punk band until 2018. Since then, he decides that the form that he can communicate better his critical view is art.

His artistic practice explores the complexity of emotions and the entanglement of socio-historical implications. He confronts values and concepts of life that have been distorted in memory and impregnated with false meanings and digital filters, intervening directly to promote their inherent beauty beyond the clichéd meanings with which these elements are approached. He focuses on how the pragmatic could be unreal and how the politic could be theatrical.

His work mainly composed of metal sculptures and installations and is broken down into figures, symbols and objects. He emphasizes on the lo-fi recording of stillness or loudness into his main medium, steel.

His work has been presented in Greece, Italy and The Netherlands.

“I like to destroy beauty and create drama because I was always searching for what is missing from “perfection”. I’m searching about the “decadence” in reality and the “political” in absurdity. I make things to echo my anger. I'm concerned with noise and catharsis. I like to perform and shout my thoughts.”

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