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An abaton(ἄβατον) is a sacred place, which is not accessible to most people; usually in reference to a monastery. Abaton may also refer to: Adyton, an inaccessible religious building (or part of a building).

The present proposal is submitted by Stathis Yapoutzidis Karras. The proposal concerns an  in-situ installation-performance in the area of  Koumela quarries on Tinos island in Greece.

The installation will include a peculiar construction of an ambo-springboard on the edge of a part of the rock from which the shape-image of a cross, surrounded by floating barbed wire mesh will be projected, with a projector into the sea (projection). Alternatively the cross can be made of neon lamps which will be immersed in water due to the shallow depth of the lake.

Ancient Greek


From ἀ- (a-, not) +‎ βᾰτός (batós, “passable, accesible”).


  • IPA(key): /á.ba.tos/ → /ˈa.βa.tos/ → /ˈ


ἄβᾰτος  (ábatos) m or f (neuter ἄβᾰτον); second declension

  1. untrodden, inaccesible

  2. (of mountains) impassable

  3. (of rivers) not fordable

  4. desolate, deserted

  5. (of holy places) not to be trodden

  6. (figuratively) pure, chaste

  7. (of a horse) not ridden




abaton /ˈabət(ə)n/  

 from the Greek ἄβατος , ancient Greek pronunciation ábatos , "inaccessible"

[adjective in masculine ], plural abata  is



  1. Ancient Greek History adjective : a place to which access is restricted, especially a sacred place or enclosure; a sanctuary

  2. Noun: an enclosure or building attached to a temple of Aclepius, in which supplicants wishing to be cured slept.





My project and research is about the connection between the beauty, the drama and the human footprint on our cosmos throught digital and physical life.
My proposal is a multimedia theatrical installation that could take action at a place that would fullfil my vision.

The space of the proposed location is already limited by artificial human boundaries like those of the lake, culminating in the presence of the blade wire in the middle of the lake, creating a "hole" in the water. The human presence of boundaries and traces has remained indelible. The location looks like a theater where the lake looks like a stage and the rocks like stands.

The observers-mystics will be led to a multi-sensory experience through their interaction with the avaton, the transcendental and the anthropocene landscape of the ancient quarry, with final destination its "apotheosis" and their initiation into a lingering mystery full of immersion, mystagogy and ignorance.

The monumentality of the place creates a geological sanctuary-church in which the mystics-observers experience a drama full of satire and tragedy. The tragedy of the landscape beauty can reach the limits of despair.


In the area opposite the ambo-springboard (on the beach-shore created in front of the artificial lake) speakers and floodlights will be installed that will enrich the installation with deafening sounds from bells and dramatic alternating lighting.


​ The materials and technical details mainly concern the construction of the ambo-springboard at the edge of the rock at the specific point of the installation, which presupposes the construction of a metal framework on which marble slabs of Tinian marble will be placed, in order to perfectly harmonize it with the natural rock landscape. The access passage to the pulpit-pedestal can be optional, while serving the individual access of the observers and will not require the use of marble.


Additional technical details concern the sound and lighting installation. The sound must be sufficient for the performance of the work at satisfactory sound levels, creating a natural speaker through reflections on the rocks of the quarry, creating deafening frequencies under the sound of pulsating bells. The lighting will be alternating but also continuous in specific points such as that of the pulpit-springboard. The installation-performance shall occur during sunset in order for the required blackout to be achieved, using video-mapping.

The project implementation process requires cooperation with local agencies that would be ideal, and would give further impetus to the project implementation.

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